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Imagine the Rabbit R1 as a bridge between you and the realm of advanced AI. It’s not just another gadget; it’s a personal assistant powered by cutting-edge technology designed to simplify your life and amplify your possibilities. The Rabbit R1 is more than just a device; it’s a philosophy. It’s about reimagining how we interact with technology, making it more natural, intuitive, and personalized. Let’s get into what is Rabbit R1.

What is Rabbit R1?

It’s about freeing ourselves from the constraints of traditional interfaces and embracing the power of intelligent assistants to navigate the ever-complex digital world.
Think of it as:

  • Your AI whisperer: Talk to the R1 like you would a trusted friend, and it will understand your needs and desires, seamlessly connecting you to the right tools and resources across various platforms.
  • Your automation ally: Say goodbye to repetitive tasks! The R1 can learn your routines and automate mundane chores, freeing up your time and energy for the things that truly matter.
  • Your multi-device orchestrator: No more juggling remotes or navigating through different interfaces. The R1 becomes the central hub for all your connected devices, letting you control them effortlessly with your voice.
  • Your future-proof companion: The R1 isn’t just a trendy device; it’s a glimpse into the future of human-AI interaction. As AI technology evolves, the R1 will adapt and grow alongside it, continuously expanding its capabilities to serve you better.

About Rabbit Inc.: The Brains Behind the R1

While we’ve been exploring the fascinating functionalities of the Rabbit R1, it’s essential to consider who’s behind it all. Let’s delve into the story of Rabbit Inc. and its founders, the minds that brought this AI-powered marvel to life:

1. The Company:

  • Rabbit Inc. is a Los Angeles-based AI startup founded in 2023 with a mission to create personalized AI operating systems and companion devices.
  • Their focus lies on developing natural language interaction tools and bridging the gap between humans and technology through voice-first control and seamless integration with existing devices.
  • The company has received significant funding from prominent investors like Khosla Ventures and Synergis Capital, demonstrating potential and industry belief in their vision.

2. The Founders:

  • Jesse Lyu: The Founder and CEO of Rabbit Inc. is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in shipping AI hardware products and operating high-performance computing clusters.
  • Lyu founded Raven Tech, a pioneering company in conversational AI operating systems, showcasing his expertise and passion for AI-powered user experiences.
  • His vision for Rabbit Inc. and the R1 stems from a desire to make complex technology accessible and intuitive, empowering users to control their digital lives with natural language.

3. Team and Culture:

  • Rabbit Inc. boasts a strong team of researchers, engineers, and repeat entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds in AI, hardware development, and user experience design.
  • The company culture emphasizes innovation, collaboration, and user-centricity, striving to push the boundaries of AI technology while keeping human needs at the core.

4. Future Focus:

  • Rabbit Inc. is actively developing future iterations of the R1 and exploring new AI applications beyond companion devices.
  • Their commitment to ongoing research and development promises exciting advancements in AI integration, personalization, and user interaction.

Rabbit R1 Specifications and Operating System

Under the hood, the Rabbit R1 packs some intriguing hardware alongside a unique software experience. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Processor: MediaTek Helio P35 processor
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Display: 2.88-inch LCD touchscreen
  • Camera: Rotating “Rabbit Eye” camera with 8MP sensor
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular (optional)
  • Ports: USB-C port, SIM card slot (optional)
  • Battery: Long-lasting “all-day” battery

Operating System:

  • RabbitOS: Custom-developed operating system
  • Focus: Voice-first interaction and control
  • No apps: Designed to work with existing apps on your connected devices
  • Large Action Model (LAM): AI engine that understands user intent and executes tasks across various platforms

What are the core features of Rabbit R1?

1. Voice-first interaction:

Imagine being able to tell your R1, “Book a massage for after work today” or “Play my workout playlist on the living room speaker.” The R1 listens to your natural language commands, understands your intent, and takes the necessary actions across different platforms. No more navigating through multiple apps or remembering specific commands. Think of it as having a personal assistant who’s always on call and ready to help.

Command your digital world: Tell your R1 to play music, launch apps, adjust smart home settings, or send messages, all through the power of your voice. Simply speak clearly and naturally, and the R1 will interpret your desires with ease.
Hands-free convenience: Cooking dinner? Exercising? Relaxing on the couch? No problem! The R1’s voice control lets you manage your digital life without stopping what you’re doing, adding a layer of effortless convenience to your everyday tasks.
Multi-language capabilities: Don’t be limited by a single tongue! The R1 understands and responds to a growing list of languages, making it accessible to a broader audience and catering to your language preferences.

2. Contextual awareness:

The R1 isn’t just a mindless command taker. It learns from your interactions and remembers your preferences. For example, if you frequently book massages on Tuesdays, the R1 might automatically propose one for you on the next Tuesday without needing a prompt. This personalization makes the R1 feel like a true assistant, anticipating your needs and streamlining your daily tasks.

3. Automation:

Tired of repetitive tasks like setting alarms or adjusting smart home settings? The R1 can automate these routines based on your preferences and schedule. Tell it to turn on the lights when you enter the room, automatically adjust the thermostat, or even preheat your oven at a specific time. The possibilities are endless, freeing up your time and energy for more important things.

Create custom routines: Combine multiple tasks into a single voice command, like “Movie night!” which could dim the lights, launch your streaming app, and prepare your popcorn.
– Schedule recurring actions: Set the R1 to automatically perform tasks at specific times or based on your location, like playing your workout playlist when you arrive at the gym.
Learn and adapt: As you use the R1, it learns your preferences and automatically adjusts its automation routines to better suit your needs.
Streamline your workflow: Automate repetitive tasks in your work routine, like sending regular reports or managing email filters, freeing up your time for more creative endeavors.
Enhance your entertainment: Let the R1 personalize your entertainment experience by automatically playing your favorite music or suggesting movies based on your past preferences.
Stay connected: Schedule calls, send messages, or manage your social media accounts with voice commands, allowing you to stay connected hands-free.

4. AI integrations:

Think of the R1 as a bridge between you and your favorite AI tools. Connect it to ChatGPT, Google Assistant, or any other compatible AI system, and access its full range of capabilities through voice commands. Need a quick question answered? Ask ChatGPT through the R1. Want to play music? Tell the R1 to activate Google Assistant on your speakers. This seamless integration brings all your AI resources together in one user-friendly device.

5. Multi-device control:

The R1 doesn’t live in isolation. It connects to your other devices, allowing you to control them effortlessly with your voice. Imagine watching a movie on your TV and wanting to play the next episode from your phone. Simply tell the R1 to switch the source on your TV, eliminating the need to juggle multiple remotes or interfaces. This unified control makes multi-device interaction smooth and intuitive.

How does a Rabbit R1 differ from an iPhone?

It’s time to pit the innovative Rabbit R1 against the ever-popular iPhone in a clash of titans (of sorts)! Both devices offer unique experiences, making the choice depend on your specific needs and preferences. Let’s explore their strengths and weaknesses in key areas:

1. Functionality:

  • Rabbit R1: Focuses on AI-powered automation and voice-first interaction. It acts as a bridge between you and your existing devices, controlling them via voice commands.
  • iPhone: Traditional smartphone with a vast app ecosystem for various tasks. Its strengths lie in multimedia, communication, and productivity apps.

2. User Interface:

  • Rabbit R1: Minimalistic interface with a focus on voice commands and context-aware suggestions. Requires no app installation as it interacts with existing apps on your devices.
  • iPhone: Touchscreen interface with numerous apps requiring download and installation. Offers a familiar and customizable experience.

3. AI Assistance:

  • Rabbit R1: Built-in Large Action Model (LAM) handles all AI tasks through voice commands. Integrates with external AI assistants like ChatGPT for additional capabilities.
  • iPhone: Siri as the native AI assistant with limited functionality compared to the R1’s LAM. Requires specific commands and lacks context awareness.

4. Connectivity:

  • Rabbit R1: Limited to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by default, with cellular as an optional add-on. Primarily intended for use alongside other devices.
  • iPhone: Cellular connectivity standard, making it a standalone device for communication and internet access. Offers wider connection options.

5. Battery Life:

  • Rabbit R1: Long-lasting battery due to minimal display usage and focus on voice interaction.
  • iPhone: Battery life varies depending on usage, typically lower than the R1 due to display and app demands.

6. Cost:

  • Rabbit R1: Currently priced at $200 (USD).
  • iPhone: Prices vary depending on model and storage, generally more expensive than the R1.

7. Target Audience:

  • Rabbit R1: Early adopters, tech enthusiasts, and those seeking an AI-powered assistant for simplifying daily tasks.
  • iPhone: Broader audience seeking a powerful, versatile smartphone with a wide range of apps and functionalities.

Remember, there’s no clear winner in this battle. It all boils down to your individual needs and preferences.

  • Choose the Rabbit R1 if: you crave an AI-powered assistant, prioritize hands-free control, and value seamless integration with your existing devices.
  • Choose the iPhone if: you need a multi-purpose device for communication, entertainment, and various apps, and prefer a familiar touch-screen interface.

How does Rabbit R1 work?

Hold onto your curiosity, because we’re about to crack open the Rabbit R1 and explore the captivating mechanisms that make it tick! At the heart of its operation lies not a single gear or circuit, but a complex interplay of software and AI that brings this intelligent assistant to life.

1. RabbitOS: The Orchestrator of Interactions

Imagine the RabbitOS as the R1’s brain, the conductor orchestrating all its functions. This custom-built operating system ditches the traditional app-centric approach, focusing instead on voice-first interaction and interoperability.

Here’s how it works:

  • Say it, don’t click it: Instead of navigating through multiple apps on your phone, simply tell the R1 what you want to do using natural language. “Play my workout playlist on the living room speaker” or “Book a massage for after work today” are all understandable requests.
  • Behind the curtain: RabbitOS doesn’t have its own apps; it acts as a bridge between you and your existing ones on connected devices. It understands your intent, identifies the relevant app on the target device, and sends the necessary commands, all without you needing to touch a screen.
  • Seamless connections: The beauty of RabbitOS lies in its ability to communicate with various platforms and devices. Whether it’s your smart TV, your phone, or a smart home gadget, the R1 seamlessly interacts with them through secure connections, turning your home into a unified ecosystem.

2. Large Action Model (LAM): The AI Powerhouse

Think of the LAM as the R1’s engine, the intelligent force that propels its actions. This sophisticated AI model goes beyond simple voice recognition; it possesses the ability to understand the context of your requests and take meaningful actions.

Here’s what makes the LAM tick:

  • Learning from experience: Unlike static voice assistants, the LAM continuously learns from your interactions, remembering your preferences and adapting its responses over time. Ask it to play workout music once, and the next time you say “Start my workout,” it knows exactly what playlist to choose.
  • No coding required: The LAM understands user intent beyond specific keywords. You don’t need to use pre-defined phrases or remember complex commands; the R1 can interpret your natural language, making interactions intuitive and effortless.
  • Across-platform automation: The LAM’s true power lies in its ability to automate tasks across different platforms. Tell it to “turn on the lights when I enter the room,” and it will automatically send commands to your smart home hub based on your location data from your phone.

3. Contextual Awareness: The Memory Master

The R1 isn’t just a voice-activated robot; it’s a thoughtful companion that remembers your preferences and anticipates your needs. This magic is thanks to its contextual awareness, which goes beyond simply remembering past commands.

Here’s how the R1 gets personal:

  • Remembering the details: Did you book a massage on Tuesdays last week? The R1 remembers, and might proactively suggest one the next Tuesday, saving you the effort of repeating yourself.
  • Understanding the situation: The R1 takes into account the time, location, and other factors to personalize its responses. If you say “I’m tired,” it might recommend a relaxing playlist in the evening instead of workout music in the morning.
  • Evolving with you: As you use the R1, it continuously learns and adapts its understanding of your preferences. Over time, you’ll find it anticipating your needs with uncanny accuracy, making it feel like a truly trusted digital companion.

Rabbit R1 integration with AI

Imagine uniting the power of your favorite AI assistants like ChatGPT and Google Assistant under one voice-powered roof. With the R1, you can:

  • Seamlessly access multiple AI assistants: Connect your accounts to the R1 and access their combined knowledge and functionalities through simple voice commands. Ask ChatGPT to write a poem, then switch to Google Assistant to check the weather, all without leaving the R1 interface.
  • Expand your knowledge and capabilities: Leverage the unique strengths of each AI assistant. Use ChatGPT’s creative writing skills, Google Assistant’s information retrieval prowess, or any other compatible AI’s specific abilities to enhance your experience.
  • Personalize your AI interactions: Choose your preferred default assistant or create custom voice commands to trigger specific actions across different AI systems. Make the R1 your personalized gateway to the world of AI!

This is just the beginning of the possibilities offered by AI integration in the R1.

Rabbit R1 cost and availability

Cost: Currently, the Rabbit R1 is pre-orderable for $200 USD. This price reflects its innovative features and AI capabilities, making it a competitive option within the smart assistant market.

Availability: Pre-orders are open on the Rabbit Inc. website, with an expected shipping date in March or April 2024. While you can pre-order now to secure your unit, keep in mind the wait time before you can get your hands on it.

Additional considerations:

  • Retail availability: While pre-orders are currently through the Rabbit Inc. website, the company might expand to retail partner stores closer to the official launch date.
  • Shipping costs: Additional shipping charges might apply depending on your location. Be sure to check the website for specific details before placing your order.
  • Payment methods: Pre-orders typically require secure online payment options like credit cards or PayPal.

Remember, pre-ordering comes with an element of risk as the device is not yet available for hands-on experience. However, for early adopters and those excited by the R1’s potential, pre-ordering offers the chance to be among the first to experience this innovative AI companion.

What is the Future Scope of Rabbit R1?

1. Deeper AI integration: Imagine the R1 seamlessly connecting to a vast ecosystem of AI tools and services. We could see integration with health trackers, smart appliances, and even specialized AI models for specific tasks like financial planning or creative content generation.

2. Enhanced personalization: The R1’s ability to learn your preferences could reach new heights. Imagine anticipating your needs based on real-time factors like your location, emotional state, and even conversations with other people. The R1 could become your truly personal digital assistant, seamlessly weaving itself into the fabric of your daily life.

3. Advanced automation: Forget just turning on lights. Imagine the R1 orchestrating complex routines involving multiple devices and services. It could automatically adjust your commute based on traffic, pre-heat your oven while you’re on the way home, and even set the mood for a romantic evening based on your preferences and partner’s schedule.

4. Improved interaction methods: While voice-first might reign supreme, future iterations could introduce additional ways to interact with the R1. Imagine gestures, facial expressions, or even brain-computer interfaces becoming intuitive communication channels, further blurring the line between us and our AI companions.

5. Ethical considerations: With greater power comes greater responsibility. As the R1 evolves, addressing issues like data privacy, user bias, and algorithmic fairness will be crucial. Responsible development and open communication will be key to ensuring the R1’s future benefits everyone.

What is the Use Case of Rabbit R1?

  • Reimagining productivity: Imagine the R1 streamlining your workday, prioritizing tasks, scheduling meetings, and even drafting emails based on your voice instructions.
  • Transforming healthcare: The R1 could become a health companion, monitoring vital signs, suggesting healthy routines, and even providing AI-powered medical consultations.
  • Fueling creativity: The R1 could spark inspiration, brainstorm ideas, and even collaborate on creative projects like writing music or designing artwork.
  • Shaping smart homes: The R1 could become the central hub of your smart home, anticipating your needs, controlling devices, and even creating personalized atmospheres for different occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can the Rabbit R1 replace my smartphone?

Not entirely. While the R1 can control many smartphone functions and offer AI assistance, it lacks the vast app ecosystem and standalone capabilities of a smartphone. Think of it as a powerful companion alongside your smartphone, enhancing your digital life without replacing it.

2. How secure is the Rabbit R1?

Security is a top priority for Rabbit Inc. The device uses industry-standard encryption for data storage and transmission. Additionally, the lack of app installation and reliance on existing platforms potentially reduces the attack surface compared to typical smartphones.

3. What happens if my internet connection goes down?

The R1’s core functionalities like voice commands and basic automation might be restricted without internet access. However, some features like music playback and controlling connected devices through Bluetooth might still work depending on their specific capabilities.

4. Can I customize the Rabbit R1?

Currently, customization options are limited. However, you can personalize your experience by connecting your preferred AI assistants like ChatGPT and defining voice shortcuts for frequently used tasks. Future software updates might unlock further customization options.

5. Where can I buy the Rabbit R1?

The R1 is currently available for preorder on the Rabbit Inc. website and is expected to ship in March or April 2024.

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